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You don’t need all of them to go up in flames; burnout ex­perts say that over years, any could cook you, es­pe­cially if the joy gen­er­a­tors in your life don’t re­plen­ish you. 1. You have lit­tle to no con­trol over your work flow. 2. Pay sucks.

3. The peo­ple suck.

4. It’s rigged (un­fair favouritism).

5. Values con­flict (a ve­gan de­sign­ing pack­ag­ing for foie gras, etc.).

6. Sheer work over­load. But you can hap­pily work like a maniac for stretches if the other stres­sors are non­fac­tors. Burnout de­stroys your body by spik­ing stress chem­i­cals, el­e­vat­ing your rest­ing heart rate, and invit­ing hy­per­ten­sion, di­a­betes, in­fer­til­ity, and coro­nary heart dis­ease. (Stress can be as bad for your heart as smok­ing.) A Gallup sur­vey that found that burned-out peo­ple were 23 per­cent more likely than their peers to have vis­ited the ER in the last year didn’t ask why, but burnout can come with scary symp­toms like pal­pi­ta­tions and weak­ness that, no mat­ter the cause, should get checked out.

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