Fast Facts

Pets (Singapore) - - Small Wonder -

• Size Medium; 12.7 to 30cm.

• Colours Yel­low or olive-green with dark lines.

• Groom­ing fre­quency Low; brush al­gae off shell and clean tank once a week.

• Ex­er­cise Low en­ergy level; swims around and basks in warmth.

• Tem­per­a­ment Mild tem­per­a­ment and per­son­able.

• Life­span 20 to 30 years.

• Health is­sues Shell rot, res­pi­ra­tory and eye in­fec­tions, and build-up of al­gae on shell.

• Suit­able for first-time own­ers Yes.

• Suit­able for fam­i­lies with chil­dren Yes.

• Suit­able alone Yes.

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