As you slather on sun­screen while frol­ick­ing out­doors this June, don't for­get your pup. Here are five sun facts re­lat­ing to Fido that you should know about:

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Get the low­down on sun pro­tec­tion for Fido.

1. Dogs with light-hued fur are more sus­cep­ti­ble to sun dam­age

Dark coats block harm­ful UV rays, but lighter coats don’t. Hence, they are more ex­posed to the sun’s UV rays, which may cause skin can­cer.

2. Don’t shave long-coated dogs dur­ing hot months

Shav­ing your pup’s coat down to his skin removes a pro­tec­tive bar­rier and in­creases his odds of sun­burn.

3. Zinc ox­ide is toxic

Hu­man sun­screen con­tains zinc ox­ide, which is toxic to pets. If in­gested, it can cause their red blood cells to burst. This re­sults in anaemia that may be se­vere enough to re­quire blood trans­fu­sions.

4. Ap­ply sun­screen to ex­posed ar­eas

Ap­ply a pet-safe sun­screen like Epi-Pet Sun Pro­tec­tor Spray to ar­eas with less hair, like the belly, legs, groin, muz­zle and ears.

5. Sun­screen is not enough

Keep your pup­per cool and pro­tected from UV rays with a sun-pro­tec­tive shirt like the PlayaPup dog rash­guard shirt. The soft, quick-dry fab­ric shields him from up to 97.5 per­cent of harm­ful UV rays.

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