Di­eter Knech­tel, CEO Fer­rari Far East Hub, re­veals the leg­endary car­maker’s plans for the near fu­ture


In 2016 Fer­rari sold some 8,000 cars, and they have a plan to pro­duce 9,000 cars by 2019. Quite an amaz­ing feat for a lux­ury/ high per­for­mance au­tomaker, still Fer­rari has a rea­son why it is so flex­i­ble and can ad­just to mar­ket con­di­tions. Di­eter Knech­tel, CEO Fer­rari Far East, ex­plained, “We are not go­ing to pro­duce cars from stock. We are go­ing to pro­duce cars from de­mand.” That’s a smart move as it means that au­tomaker doesn’t get tied down with in­ven­tory like other car com­pa­nies. They just build cars when they’re or­dered. And the car­maker re­lies on new tech­nolo­gies to drive the com­pany for­ward. When asked if he’s happy with the cur­rent level of growth, Knech­tel replied, “Nat­u­rally, we are a growth-based. We would like to grow more. And to do this we are de­vel­op­ing new ideas and putting for­ward new prod­ucts that are at­trac­tive enough to steer more de­mand.” Fer­rari is of­ten one of the first to in­te­grate race­car tech­nolo­gies into its new sport ve­hi­cles. From rev­o­lu­tion­ary new brak­ing, elec­tronic steer­ing and trans­mis­sions, Fer­rari has al­ways been at the fore­front of high per­for­mance au­to­mo­biles.

Plan­e­tary Prob­lem

Car­mak­ers around the planet are now fac­ing a two-front war: First, the elec­tric ve­hi­cle seems to have fi­nally come into its own. Next, many gov­ern­ments around the world have an­nounced plans to phase out the in­ter­nal com­bus­tion en­gine as a way of com­bat­ing global warm­ing. As a re­sult, many lux­ury car­mak­ers are now in­tro­duc­ing elec­tric ve­hi­cles. Will Fer­rari of­fer one? Will Fer­rari be de­vel­op­ing an elec­tric car?

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