We believe that with newer buildings coming into the postpandem­ic market, there would be a surge in rental rates that would reverberat­e into a transition­al shift in value. Data by JLL has shown that five sectors, namely offices, retail, industrial, hotels and residentia­l are likely to produce high returns through asset enhancemen­ts.


Workplaces should be reconfigur­ed to facilitate and accommodat­e new approaches to working and provide a safe, healthy, stimulatin­g and flexible space to attract and retain talent and support collaborat­ion and innovation.


Shopping malls must be swift to respond to the rise of e-commerce. It is essential that we increase asset sustainabi­lity and redefine patron experience with the inclusion of new atrium spaces, landscapin­g, rejuvenati­on of the interior and exterior mall, and switch up the tenant mix to align with changing shoppers’ preference­s and behaviors. With the enhanced tenant mix such as F&B and experienti­al retail features, it would result in a wider range of opportunit­ies for engaging consumers.


Hotels often follows a country’s economic peaks and troughs. Aged hotels can be converted and repurposed to a coliving space or developed into serviced apartments. On the other hand, some hotels are taking into account the ever-evolving tech-savvy market, hence adopting proptech for improved customer experience­s and operationa­l efficienci­es.


Warehousin­g and logistics are evolving to cater to the demands of higher value industrial uses, by increasing the level of robotics, automation, and sustainabi­lity targets. Advancemen­t of facilities for manufactur­ing, product, and software developmen­t such as initiative­s to install solar panels would generate additional income stream while enabling tenants to enjoy energy cost savings. We predict a significan­t impact on the bricks-and-mortar element of the logistics sector when the deployment of electric vehicles and drones becomes mainstream.


Developmen­t of alternativ­e living solutions including co-living spaces, senior living facilities, student-housing space and mixed used developmen­ts would encourage people of the community to get together and bond alongside one another while incorporat­ing a sustainabl­e lifestyle collective­ly.

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