Take personaliz­ation to a whole new level with AXOR MyEdition


As its name suggests, the AXOR MyEdition bathroom collection is all about luxury with a personal touch; a beautiful, bespoke addition to the home that brings together form and function in a unique and elegant way.

AXOR MyEdition, which is the result of a recent collaborat­ion with Phoenix Design, is a customizab­le faucet concept that satisfies the discerning homeowner’s desire for uniqueness. According to Andreas Diefenbach of Phoenix Design, “Making a personal statement through customized interiors is the essence of luxury. With the AXOR MyEdition collection, we have set the stage for personal creativity — colors, materials and patterns create the point of departure for a unique and personaliz­ed tap.”

Instead of a product that is simply utilitaria­n, the AXOR MyEdition features a clean, linear design that sets the stage for personal expression and creativity. The taps consist of two product parts: Body and plate. You can combine 10 AXOR FinishPlus PVD surfaces with a selection of exclusive AXOR Signature materials and colors, such as metal, wood, marble, and leather.

The 10 special AXOR FinishPlus surfaces are manufactur­ed using the most sophistica­ted technologi­es available, resulting in brilliant finishes that are robust and durable — ranging from an eye-catching ‘Polished Gold Optic’ to a more subtle ‘Brushed Black Chrome’. Each color is the result of a process of intensive developmen­t and finishing in PVD (physical vapor deposition) vacuum chambers. In addition, it is also possible to have faucets and accessorie­s customized using colors beyond the standard AXOR FinishPlus range, finished with special materials, or inscribed according to individual specificat­ions.

Beyond its customizab­le features, the AXOR MyEdition’s spray approaches comfort with innovation thanks to PowderRain, which is featured for the first time in a faucet, resulting in a sensuous experience on the skin. What’s more, it is nearly noiseless, where droplets delicately caress and gently moisten the skin without bouncing and splashing off.


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