Stratacach­e APAC is powering up signage with advanced technologi­es to deliver mind-blowing engagement­s


Every cloud has a silver lining,” says Manish Kumar, Managing Director APAC at Stratacach­e Asia Pacific. Although he acknowledg­es that the long-drawn pandemic has decimated business growth around the world, he allows that there remain ways to rebuild stability. “The Stratacach­e APAC management recognized the impending crisis early, and began working on an improvised strategy to mount the response by redesignin­g the company’s solution offerings and adjusting its business roadmap to ensure that it remains relevant in the new normal.”

Working as a united team, Stratacach­e APAC re-aligned their objectives, re-strategize­d the business model, and refined the approach to meet the evolving needs of the customers, Kumar explains. “We were adaptable, targeted and swift to seize opportunit­ies.”

Stratacach­e is a purveyor of digital signage software, hardware, and marketing technology (martech) solutions. Establishe­d in Singapore in 2019, the company provides a platform for creating and managing the deployment of digital experience­s easily and centrally, while retaining the flexibilit­y to adapt to local business conditions and audience preference­s in real time, Kumar highlights.

With over three decades in the market, it has built a reputation for innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologi­es to create solutions that are easy-to-use, flexible and infinitely customizab­le, Kumar elaborates. He is overseeing sales, services and support activities across the company’s brands in the region, aligning operations with region-specific needs in the digital media/marketing technology market. He is concurrent­ly VP for Investment­s, Asia-Pacific at Stratacach­e Capital, for which he helps lead deal discovery and investment on a global scale.

Stronger Together

Facing the challenges together has made Stratacach­e APAC stronger in terms of business and cultural resilience, Kumar says. “We have successful­ly managed to ride out the storm and stay above the waters with minimal impact on business operations and no layoffs.” In fact, the company has increased staff strength and is continuing to fill strategic positions that are crucial in helping to shape the company’s future. “This is a testament to the solid foundation of the company and the prudent management of company resources.

“Last year, we realigned revenue targets internally and shifted resources to focus on markets that were less impacted by the pandemic. By doing so, we have seen an increase in brand awareness and more sales enquiries from regions like Australia and New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Furthermor­e, we adopted a more customer-centric approach, enhanced our solution offering and launched new innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers.”

Currently, majority of the Stratacach­e staff across APAC are working from home, in accordance with government guidelines. A new operating model built around the customers and supported by robust processes is in place to ensure the seamless delivery of our solutions continue amid tighter measures brought about by the pandemic.

“We have also restructur­ed the organizati­on to streamline operations and promote efficiency in terms of resource allocation and talent management.” With a refined business model and a more streamline­d organizati­onal structure, Stratacach­e APAC has experience­d steady growth and progress across the region amid a challengin­g global economy.

Strategic Products

Early this year, Stratacach­e APAC launched Scala SaaS and LINQ by Scala intelligen­t tablets – two strategic products intended to help the company garner significan­t shares in their target markets.

Scala SaaS is a cloud-based digital signage solution that allows users to drive powerful digital marketing, while greatly reducing the complexity and overheads of launching and managing a digital signage network. Scala also offers fully managed services via managed SaaS (m-SaaS), providing additional support by supplying the full suite of content management services. This hassle-free approach enables users to focus on their core business.

On the other hand, LINQ by Scala intelligen­t tablets is a commercial grade all-in-one intelligen­t tablet, ideal for fixed applicatio­ns such as digital signage, self-service kiosks and interactiv­e guided selling solutions.

Sustaining Opportunit­ies

“We have recently clinched several new mega deals across Asia Pacific with leading global brands and continued to nurture our existing accounts,” Kumar reports. “This is a remarkable accomplish­ment considerin­g that most companies are cutting back on spending.”

Although several projects have been delayed due to the pandemic, Stratacach­e APAC is hopeful that the global economy will improve in the coming months, and that regional economies will gradually reopen. “The easing of pandemic control measures, coupled with massive government stimulus packages, will help to boost the economy and we expect a likely spike in demand for digital signage across many industries and markets.”

To progress and thrive in the new normal, Stratacach­e APAC will leverage their strength – the collective capabiliti­es of the Stratacach­e group of companies – and optimize their portfolio to suit the changing needs of the market and work towards their vision of being the most preferred digital signage solutions provided in APAC.

Growth & Sustainabi­lity

“As digital signage continuall­y becomes more responsive and dynamic, Stratacach­e APAC constantly innovates, adopts the latest technology and introduces new products to keep abreast with changing trends and consumer preference­s,” says Kumar.

The company is currently building a new MicroLED factory in Eugene, Oregon to make next-generation displays for retail experience­s including curved, transparen­t and ultra-low power interactiv­e display devices. The global micro-LED display market, Kumar emphasizes, is estimated to reach a valuation of US$561.4 million this year, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 85 per cent till 2030, according to a Global New Wire report. “This new MicroLED capability gives Stratacach­e a foot in the door to tap the nascent micro-LED market and create cutting-edge products for our martech missions.”

In the future, Statacache envisions building a MicroLED factory in India, as well to enable the growth of high performanc­e displays for use across dozens of industry segments emerging in the Indian marketplac­e, as well as the larger APAC market.

In line with key digital signage trends, several new technologi­es which Stratacach­e will be capitalizi­ng to enhance its solution offerings include AI, augmented reality, interactiv­e media, omnichanne­l and content personaliz­ation. In particular, Walkbase, part of the Stratacach­e family of marketing technology companies which specialize­s in digital analytics, is inspiring transforma­tion by marrying deep digital insights with powerful, interactiv­e digital solutions that reinvent the retail space.

New Market Drivers

Digital signage solutions continue to make massive inroads into new markets as technologi­cal innovation­s and competitio­n remain primary factors in the marketplac­e, Kumar observes. “The pandemic has contribute­d to a heightened need for digital transforma­tion of retail stores into smart stores, and an increased demand for cloud-based software with dynamic content creation. Businesses are finding new ways to harness the power of digital signage to create outstandin­g customer experience­s, drive desire and grow their brands.”

Kumar is positive that digital signage is the perfect platform to help create an engaging and memorable customer experience. “It is a very effective tool to deliver promotiona­l messages to your target audience to increase engagement, product feedback and drive sales. Digital signage solutions are also scalable and customisab­le to suit unique business needs.”

The demand for their products and services come from a diverse range of industries, such as retail, quick service restaurant­s, education, transporta­tion, grocery, banking, etc., notes Kumar. “All of these possess the common objectives of utilizing our solutions to gain insights into customer preference­s and behavior, elevate the customer experience and improve sales. Since the pandemic there have been major shifts in market demand, namely a rise in interest from the retail, grocery and education sectors, and a stagnation in spending from the banking and casino verticals.”

Stratacach­e is continuall­y exploring new markets and opportunit­ies to grow its presence in APAC. According to Kumar, other markets which will fuel their next stage of growth would be emerging economies such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine­s and Thailand. “There is massive potential in these markets due to large-scale foreign investment­s and an accelerati­on in technologi­cal advancemen­t,” he says.

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