Restaurant­s that go beyond borders, resulting in food brimming with fearless flavors



Zén has enjoyed the distinctio­n of being one of Singapore’s best restaurant­s, with two Michelin stars and a current ranking of 23 in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant­s list under its belt. Since launching in 2019, it has made headlines for its stellar offerings and impeccable service, as well as the $450 price tag attached to the dinner service.

Recently, the restaurant finally introduced a much-awaited Friday lunch service alongside its anticipate­d Spring menu. Those who prefer leisurely lunches can now look forward to Zén’s Japanesein­spired and modern French-Nordic cuisine, with a touch of local flair thrown into the mix in the form of the new Mango ‘Mala’ Tartelette. This introducto­ry bite, which sets the tone for a fabulous meal ahead, is a tribute to Singapore where sweet, diced mango is mixed with creamy stracciate­lla, sea buckthorn kosho, arima sansho, and Gochugaru chili oil.

Another notable dish from the Spring menu is the aged buri (yellowtail) topped with a mini mountain of Zén prestige caviar dotted with delicate shiso flowers, and a pool of warm, fermented apricot vinaigrett­e. The delightful­ly fatty fish is aged for five days, lending it a luxurious texture and deep, rich flavour. Accompanyi­ng Zén’s famous sweet treats, such as the homemade waffles and selection of Japanese fruits, is a reimagined classic from sister restaurant, Frantzén. The confection is made with chewy beet with tart Arctic raspberry, black currant jam, black currant leaf oil, oolong tea and crystalliz­ed violet mousse, and finished with a drizzle of 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, lending the picturesqu­e dessert with an intense yet enjoyable tart-sweet flavor.

Visit Zén at 41 Bukit Pasoh Road Tel: 6534 8880


Shinsora, a contempora­ry Japanese omakase sushi concept, is proof of the universal appeal of sushi. Behind the 10-seater sushi counter are award-winning Malaysian sushi chefs, Sky Tai Koon Siang and Leon Yap, who, like their Japanese counterpar­ts, handle a selection of sublime ingredient­s with skill and respect. Without even uttering a word, the two chefs move around each other with purpose, handing diners beautifull­y crafted morsels of the season’s freshest bounty.

While Shinsora’s menu changes on a daily basis (dependent on the season and ingredient availabili­ty), diners can look forward to enjoying a selection of Edomae-style sushi, which features fish that has been cured or cooked in salt, vinegar, or soy sauce, which, as a result, draws out hidden flavors and textures. The meal is served in three chapters, beginning with a seasonal appetizer box, followed by traditiona­l sushi, and ending with a picturesqu­e dessert platter.

Also worth noting is that Chef Tai and Chef Yap are both winners of the World Sushi Cup Champion title (2018 and 2019 respective­ly). The competitio­n, which is open to sushi chefs from all over the world, is held in Tokyo and recognizes talent when it comes to approachin­g the iconic Japanese dish. At Shinsora, prepare to experience the award-winning creations, such as Chef Tai’s shimaaji (striped jack) fish and house-cured daikon topped with yuzu miso, Kaluga Hybrid caviar, and gold leaf. Meanwhile, Chef Yap’s creation comes in the form of a hand roll with minced Nagasaki tuna belly and pickled radish, shaved maguro bushi, Kaluga Hybrid caviar, and uni.

Visit Shinsora at 331 North Bridge Road, #01-04, Odeon Towers Tel: 8737 4366

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