Stay Gold Flamingo

- Visit Stay Gold Flamingo at 69 Amoy Street, Tel: 8876 7364

Situated at the bend of Amoy Street is a new Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-esque watering hole. The name Stay Gold Flamingo breaks the space into two parts — a café by day (Flamingo) and a bar by night (Stay Gold), where each area is separated by a velvet curtain.

The space, which opened last August, is co-founded by two homegrown bartenders, Jerrold Khoo and Bi JiaWei. The concept is anchored in the Stay Gold bar, a dimly-lit modern cocktail lounge that’s illuminate­d by neon lights and a mirrored low ceiling — the latter is a feature that’s meant for a dance space, an idea that will come to fruition when crowds are back again.

The mixology style at Stay Gold is a fusion of American and Japanese bartending, where dexterity and meticulous craft result in creative and well-executed tipples. Intro to Absinthe is a cocktail that’s highly recommende­d and a great one to start with. It’s mixed with sparkling coconut juice making it a real thirst-quencher, with the addition of clarified earl grey tea. Each drink is kept simple using just three ingredient­s, based on the “holy trinity” ideology. While there is no order in terms of alcohol strength, classic favorites square off against more experiment­al concoction­s on the opposite page. This would reference that A Perfect Sazerac, a Remy Martinbase­d cocktail, gives a sweeter, fuller, and rounder finish compared to the absinthe, with the addition of Michter’s rye, bitters, and just a spray of absinthe for that floral finish on the nose.

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