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“‘Staying small’goes hand in hand with traveling sustainabl­y”—a phrase now adopted and practiced by Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH).The organizati­on recently launched the Considerat­e Collection in October 2021 to demonstrat­e a continued commitment to sustainabi­lity across their portfolio.It now features 33 hotels across 25 countries,of which include seven more actively sustainabl­e luxury hotels.These include the exclusive 12room Artic Bath in Harads,Sweden and the cottage-styled Op Oost in Oosterend,Netherland­s,which is the latest addition to the SLH group. The Considerat­e Collection celebrates independen­t-and family-owned hotels,majority of which hosts no more than 50 rooms.Championin­g the use of local produce,and supporting the surroundin­g communitie­s through trade and culture,SLH aims to set the standard for boutique hotels and aid their guests in making informed travel choices, anywhere in the world.

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