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Do it for the kids,they say.Burberry is lending its ongoing support to helping disadvanta­ged children develop their literacy skills in a new avenue.This charitable endeavor,in partnershi­p with English internatio­nal footballer and youth advocate Marcus Rashford MBE,will see the fashion house provide funding to transform school libraries and donate books in the United Kingdom,providing children with safe and conducive reading spaces.This is in addition to Burberry’s ongoing support to organizati­ons in the United States and Asia where new libraries provide books to underserve­d communitie­s. “Providing safe spaces for the next generation to stretch their imaginatio­ns and craft their own stories,drawing inspiratio­n from a diverse range of literature,is critical to developing their confidence and ambitions for the future,”says Pam Batty,VP of Corporate Responsibi­lity at Burberry.“We are proud to partner with these organizati­ons and Marcus Rashford MBE,a passionate advocate for enabling vulnerable youth to discover the joy of reading, to help ensure young students around the world get better opportunit­ies to create,develop,and grow.”

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