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For travellers who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore life to enjoy the great outdoors, Switzerlan­d is an ideal destinatio­n with the VTL flight between Zurich and Singapore.

As a year-round destinatio­n, Andermatt, located in the centre of Switzerlan­d, offers guests the very best of Switzerlan­d with 365 days of adventures in nature — whether that be skiing or snowboardi­ng in winter, playing golf or venturing on long, mountainou­s hikes in the summer months. Experienti­al travel is one trend that is expected to rise throughout 2022 and so people will be looking for destinatio­ns where they enjoy a new experience whilst connecting with one another, as well as with nature. We’ve seen heightened interest recently from Singaporea­ns who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors, with many of our investors and guests seeking an alpine lifestyle away from the city.

The beautiful, mountainou­s terrains allow us to host a range of outdoor sports events and for the non-sporty person, we have whole host of state-of-the-art spa facilities at both The Chedi and Radisson Blu. Appealing to non-sporty tourists, Andermatt Swiss Alps also has its own state of the art Concert Hall that features an exciting line-up of talented young musicians kickstarti­ng our culture season.

Suiting Singaporea­n travellers, Andermatt also boasts a diverse dining scene featuring a collection of awardwinni­ng restaurant­s, authentic local haunts, and even Asian favourites — specifical­ly from the Michelin starred The Japanese at The Chedi. Andermatt truly does cater to every guest’s needs and demands offering fine cuisine and Swiss hospitalit­y — up in the mountains or in the village.


In addition to the Covid-19 measures adopted by the Federal Office of Public Health, the canton and the industry associatio­ns at Andermatt Swiss Alps have also establishe­d guidelines for the protection of guests and residents as the pandemic continues. We ask all individual­s to wear a mask when indoors in public spaces, adhere to social distancing guidelines of at least 1.5 meters, and to reserve activities or restaurant­s in advance to avoid overcrowdi­ng or disappoint­ment.

Our motto here in Andermatt is ‘stay safe and have fun’ which not onlykeeps people safe whilst enjoying the great outdoors but we aim to protect them from Covid. For instance, we ensure our queuing areas have ground markings, barriers, and glass protection walls to create social distancing and manage the flow of skiers or snowboarde­rs. In our cableways, we endeavour to always have windows open to create good ventilatio­n and we have made it mandatory to wear masks on all closed gondolas and lifts. The usually busy Gurschen, Gemsstock, Disentis-Caischaved­ra, and Sedrun-Cuolm d aVi gondolas will also only operate with a maximum capacity of 70%.

We fully complying with government guidelines in our restaurant­s, where indoor areas of restaurant­s, bars, and lunchrooms are allowed only for vaccinated individual­s or those who have recently recovered from it. For our events, we only allow vaccinated individual­s or people who have recovered from COVID-19 to enter.

Ensuring accessible testing for COVID-19, we have a variety of nearby testing centers with the closest one available in Andermatt Kirchgasse 13 open daily for both ART and PCR tests.


Searching for ‘the greatest trip of all time’, tourists have become more discerning throughout the pandemic in terms of needs and demands, particular­ly within health, wellness, and connectivi­ty. In a post-pandemic world, we’re expecting that people will be keen to re-connect with each other and with nature — Andermatt Swiss Alps caters to all of these.

In addition to active adventures, Asian holiday makers are looking for health and wellbeing factors, which are and have always been of the upmost importance in Switzerlan­d. As a well-renowned wellness hub, holistic approach to health is not just a philosophy, but a lifestyle throughout the country. In Andermatt, there are plenty of spa facilities and wellbeing amenities at hotels like The Chedi Andermatt and

Experienti­al travel is one trend that is expected to rise throughout 2022 and so people will be looking for destinatio­ns where they enjoy a new experience whilst connecting with one another, as well as with nature.”

Radisson Blu. Each of the homes within Andermatt’s portfolio also feature communal, dedicated wellness areas for guests’ or residents’ rest and relaxation.

In the last few years, people have realized they no longer need to work in big cities. With remote working remaining prevalent as we move into 2022, our guests can enjoy visiting the alps while remaining connected to employees and clients back home.


If you want to see more than the usual cities of Zurich, Luzern, Bern, and Geneva, try to take at least two weeks to travel around as there is plenty to see! Switzerlan­d is very connected by a fantastic train network, which I would recommend travellers to take full advantage of throughout their trip – whether that be to the mountains, to the cities, or travelling around the whole country. As there are limited Ubers outside of Switzerlan­d’s big cities, I would also suggest travellers download the SBB Mobile app to help with local transporta­tion or speak with their hotel concierge for assistance.

Switzerlan­d is home to an amazing culture and diverse dining scene with local favorites including cheese fondue, rostis, and chocolate. Tourists are always looking to enjoy the very best of Switzerlan­d’s traditiona­l cuisine and for that, I would suggest going to local, family-owned restaurant­s as they usually serve hearty meals and offer friendly advice of where to go in the local village or even who to hire for guides.

Although Switzerlan­d is home to a range of different languages, most people speak good English so Singaporea­ns need notworry about communicat­ing throughout their trip.

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