PR Manager


Travel destinatio­n:


Length of trip:

Two weeks

Reason for travel:

To spend the year-end holiday with my family

What were your biggest concerns before going on the trip?

My main concern was catching Covid somewhere on the journey backhome to England, which would mean I’d be in isolation for Christmas, away from my family. As the Omicron variant surged in the UK and numbers rose in Singapore, I was nervous of Singapore changing restrictio­ns before we re-entered, making it harder for us to come back.

Can you share your top tips for those who are considerin­g traveling in the future to ensure a relatively stress-free experience?

1. Follow a verified checklist of what you need to enter a specific destinatio­n. This will help make sure you have followed every necessary step and avoid any unnecessar­ylast-minute panic.

2. Be diligent before you fly, ensuring you don’t go to overcrowde­d places, which could result in you either catching Covid or becoming a close contact of someone else who has it. 3. Print everything out to save you time at check-in and alleviate any lastminute stress at the airport.

What surprised you the most about traveling at a time when we are learning to live with Covid-19?

The amount of paperwork thatyou must print out before you travel! With all the various tests, declaratio­ns, and certificat­es, gone are the days of a hassle-free, easy travel experience. I also felt that there was a huge amount of anxiety at both Changi and Heathrow before boarding the flight — people are terrified to get something wrong, leave something out, or forget a piece of necessary paperwork.

Can you tell us the contents of your carry-on luggage to ensure a safe trip?

Having travelled in October last year, I was well prepped forwhat to pack in my hand luggage. As well as our re-usable masks, I took a whole new box of surgical masks, allowing me and my boyfriend to change masks at various intervals throughout the flight. I also stocked up on hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down my seat, tray table, armrest, and screen.

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