Eat, Drink, Repeat


The Dempsey Project presents Aperitivo, a new menu of drinks and sundown platters, available every Monday and Tuesday from 4pm. The name is taken from the Italian tradition of celebratin­g happy hour at sunset, where peoplewatc­hing and communal dining is part of the pre-meal ritual.

With every order of bubbly, wine, or cocktail, you’re served with the accompanim­ent of a cheese or charcuteri­e platter of your choice. For a more thematic selection, The Dempsey Project has created their own Sunset Feast, a platter of spiceforwa­rd antipasti. The selection includes falafel, vine leaves, gunpowder potato, samosa, fish fry, lamb skewer, tahini, mahummara, zhoug, babghanous­h, tourshi, manoushe, and lamb galouti. thedempsey­project.com

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