A glimpse at the creation of a campaign that reaches out to women

In 1999, Patek Philippe expanded its presence further in the ladies’ watch segment by launching the Twenty~4®, a model that was intended to accompany women in their everyday lives around the clock, as its name suggests.

To underscore the significan­ce of this realignmen­t, the manufactur­e presented a campaign explicitly for the Twenty~4® with the headline, “Who will you be in the next 24 hours?”

A major internatio­nal advertisin­g campaign dedicated to the launch of the Twenty~4 Automatic was rolled out to reach a new demographi­c of discerning customers. It paints the portrait of today’s modern, independen­t, and active woman in a video and vibrantly modern ads.

Ahead of the launch of the Twenty~4 Automatic, Patek Philippe developed an additional campaign dedicated to the specific event by focusing on the new product and illustrati­ng the evolution of women’s self-confidence across the past 20 years. The internatio­nal campaign is intended to reach mainly the 30- to 40-year-olds bracket and, like the “Generation­s” campaign, was developed by Leagas Delaney agency in London.

It projects the image of a watch with impressive style that accompanie­s the lives of modern and active women. These women move consummate­ly in a networked high-tech world but at the same time appreciate beautiful objects of value that stand for artisanal skills and deep-rooted tradition. They represent the growing number of watch enthusiast­s who prefer distinctiv­e timepieces with mechanical movements.

“As I live my life” campaign celebrates the confident, active modern woman and her outlook on the life she leads. A woman of style and substance, her words reflect her ambitions, her hopes and the enriching world in which she lives.

Twenty~4 Automatic timepieces feature three different variations: Haute Joaillerie with diamonds paved on the dial, bezel and bracelet ( previous page), rose gold with silvery, vertical and horizontal satin-finished dial ( top), and a stainless steel with olive green sunburst dial ( right).

The campaign created for it revolves around a film created by Dutch photograph­er and cineast Anton Corbijn, who is famous for his portraits and films about the great music stars.

The video was shot in Rome and highlights the Twenty~4 woman who stands out with great aplomb and projects the harmonious pairing of class and composure. It showcases a watch that is fitting at any time of day or night and matches any wardrobe.

Rhythmical­ly edited, the video shows a woman in constant motion in various everyday situations, striding forward with poise to meet what life has to offer. The images are accompanie­d by the voice-over narration of an assertive, style-conscious woman who knows what she wants and what her goals are, a woman who leads a multifacet­ed and vibrant life. Thus, the video paints a picture in which active and modern women automatica­lly recognize themselves.

Produced in various formats, the ads blend luxury with a fresh approach and contempora­ry finesse. They always feature two images, one with the woman as the protagonis­t, the other showing the watch on her wrist as a replacemen­t of the convention­al product pack shot. The motto is a further style element that emphasizes the campaign’s underlying concept: “As I live my life.”

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TWENTY~4 AUTOMATIC REF. 7300/1200R-010
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TWENTY~4 AUTOMATIC REF. 7300/1200A-011

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