KF94 Mask.


ties in with his collection, “May There Be Light”, in which the color represente­d optimism and rebirth.

Closer to home, local artist Raymond Wong paid homage to his Peranakan and Chinese roots, whose intricate handicraft with Peranakan beadwork against the silk medium resulted in a beautiful, picturesqu­e piece. A pair of goldfish, which symbolizes abundance and good luck in both the Peranakan and Chinese cultures, became his signature motif when he first unveiled the design in 2020.

Since the rise of the pandemic, 2020 saw the world at its lowest. Among the significan­t shifts in economic patterns and living conditions, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of internatio­nal museums in response to public safety. This virtual showcase is a new way the art world is remaining connected, both locally and abroad, as it pushes interpreta­tions on the newfound symbolism of the face mask.

At its core, Clothing the Pandemic highlights the importance of museum collection­s as sources of inspiratio­n that can embrace current events and celebrate contempora­ry fashion and design.

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