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Style Theory understand­s that not everyone wants to or sees the need to embrace renting as part of their lifestyle. “There are many other ways to be sustainabl­e when it comes to fashion,” shares Raena. These include:

Buy preloved

“Being sustainabl­e doesn’t mean you have to live off your old wardrobe pieces forever. You can choose to buy from sustainabl­y and ethically made fashion pieces, invest in higher quality materials that’ll stand the test of time, or simply buy secondhand from your favorite resale platforms. We’ve launched Second Edit by Style Theory, where we pride ourselves on our collection of 100% authentic preloved designer apparel and bags so consumers can shop with peace of mind.”

Repair and restore your fashion pieces

“By repairing instead of throwing away an item because of its imperfecti­ons, you’re extending the lifespan of a fashion piece, which is the more sustainabl­e choice. At Style Theory, we offer restoratio­n for designer bags and small leather goods, such as color touch-ups, stain and mold removals, or even just a complete color makeover if you’re looking for something new.”

Consign or donate your clothes or bags

“We are all guilty of having unworn items that are new with tags in our wardrobes. Instead of letting your items unused, why not sell it, or consign it for rent instead? By giving your fashion pieces a second chance at a new life, you’re keeping it from prematurel­y entering landfills. Our consignmen­t service at Style Theory makes it easy and fuss-free to rent out or sell your designer pieces.”

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