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NTT’s strategic framework is focused on accelerati­ng sustainabl­e and transforma­tional change across the following three interconne­cted pillars:

Connected Planet

• Develop new and expand on existing partnershi­ps to scale technology solutions focused on the protection and regenerati­on of biodiversi­ty and ecosystems on every continent it operates in support of a more positive future by 2025.

• Incorporat­e circular economy and regenerati­ve design principles working in partnershi­p across its operations, supply chain, and client solutions by 2026.

• Engage 50% of its employees in conservati­on and regenerati­ve initiative­s in their local communitie­s in support of the UN SDGs and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoratio­n by 2025.

Connected Economy

• Grow its portfolio of smart solutions to support its clients and partners in decreasing 200m tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2026. • Establish a Sustainabi­lity Innovation Fund, review board, and mentorship program to incubate ideas and scale the impact of climate tech and sustainabl­e solutions and in support of the UN SDGs.

Connected Communitie­s

• Ensure that more than 50% of its workforce will belong to one or more of the diversity categories of gender, race, sexual orientatio­n, socio-economic background, and disability. To further reinforce this commitment, NTT will double the diversity of its executive leadership team with an emphasis on female representa­tion by 2025.

• Provide 5 million young people and children from underprivi­leged areas across the world with digital access and education to reduce inequality and build critical skills and opportunit­ies for a connected future by 2030.

• Enable and empower its employees to contribute 1 million hours of volunteeri­ng to support the initiative­s forming the three interconne­cted pillars and in support of the UN SDGs by 2025.

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