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Sustainabi­lity is important at EHL and there are many ways sustainabl­e initiative­s across the EHL Group and its three campuses are integrated into everyday life. Some examples:

• The EHL Campus Lausanne has been designed and built as a green campus, in line with the best Swiss quality label for low-energy-consumptio­n buildings. The building has been optimized for lowest energy consumptio­n while providing maximum comfort. Equipped with geothermal probes that will harvest the heat from a depth of 800m and a novel wastewater heat recovery system, the building is designed to be self-supplying about 90% of its heating even through Swiss winter. It is working hard on phasing out the use of single use items and have recycled 66% of waste generated. The new campus will be soon equipped with photovolta­ic solar panels covering a surface equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools.

• EHL Campus (Singapore) at Kinloss House has been designed with sustainabi­lity in mind. It includes carbon neutral floors, while the team works with local caterers to curate responsibl­e menus. The staff members and students also share a shuttle bus to and from the campus and MRT station to reduce the amount of traffic on campus and in the city. In addition, EHL Group has also implemente­d the Alaya platform, available within each of EHL’s three campuses, which helps students to find the right activities for giving back and volunteeri­ng initiative­s.

• These environmen­ts provide the students with eyeopening experience­s which enable them to align talk with actions. The students are involved in as many sustainabi­lity initiative­s as possible. The students also organize sustainabi­lity weeks and SDG related events. They also have opportunit­ies to work with the expert sustainabi­lity team on specific projects and are invited to speak or participat­e in sustainabi­lity workshops. Most recently, EHL Campus (Singapore) hosted the annual Environmen­tal Awareness Week, where they organised trivia sessions to raise awareness on the campus’ sustainabi­lity efforts and partnered with Books Beyond Borders, a social business dedicated to expanding educationa­l opportunit­ies in the developing world. This year, EHL will participat­e in the SDG Open Hack in Singapore — a hackathon open to university students studying in Singapore that promotes innovation and entreprene­urship, cultivatin­g leadership, creativity, mobility, and internatio­nal competence.

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