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“The increased desire to transition towards clean, sustainabl­e energy is promising for clean technology solutions,” says Kumar. For 2022, these are the key trends he has his eye on:

• High adoption of electric vehicles.

• Use of smart devices.

• Increase in renewable energy adoption.

• Deployment of energy storage solution and move towards hydrogen economy.

• Carbon tax.

• Virtual Power plant

He adds: “Singapore’s recent announceme­nt on carbon tax and increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Housing and Developmen­t Board has already set the tone. It would be interestin­g to open up discussion­s about developing self-reliant green EV charging solutions by integratin­g battery technology and smart software.”

• Building a sustainabl­e and inclusive company.

• Implementi­ng environmen­tal and socially inclusive policies.

• Become carbon negative by 2030 with a diverse and inclusive leadership team.

• Measure, improve, and report on our sustainabi­lity performanc­e.

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