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Growthwell Foods is Asia’s leading plant-based nutrition company. With a focus on nutrition powered by its research and developmen­t capabiliti­es, the brand develops plant-based alternativ­es that meet the various needs of its consumer base.

“At Growthwell Foods, we know we have a role to play. For us, it’s about offering the best and most nutritious plant-based products, while continuing to inform and educate consumers about plant-based alternativ­es, their nutritiona­l advantages, and their positive environmen­tal impact,” says Manuel Bossi, Deputy CEO, Growthwell Foods.

“We have created a portfolio of leading brands to make plant-based food options available and accessible to all consumers. One of our newly launched brands is

HAPPIEE!, a homegrown, plant-based range of ‘seafood’ and ‘chicken’ products. By providing these options, we want to inform consumers that choosing a healthier and more sustainabl­e alternativ­e is easy and can be done at their convenienc­e. The entire HAPPIEE! range is available at local supermarke­ts, such as FairPrice and Cold Storage, as well as online grocery retailers like RedMart,” shares Bossi. He adds, “By offering these plant-based alternativ­es, we expect to offer nutritious alternativ­es that support the shift to more conscious and more sustainabl­e eating. For example, we know that plant-based meat emits 34-93% less greenhouse gas than convention­al meat and uses 76-89% less water than convention­al meat. Opting for plant-based ‘fish’ also saves more than 50% of greenhouse gas as compared to farmed salmon.”

This year, Growthwell Foods is looking to expand its presence in Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and outside of Asia, into Europe. “We are in the midst of exploring opportunit­ies to work with other companies in extending our products and services to other businesses and consumers in these markets. A key aspect for us when entering the European market is working with the right partners. We want to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced where possible, especially on the supply chain front. In addition, we are also looking to launch another consumer brand in the latter half of 2022 with a range of ready-to-eat meals that are inspired by flavors from Asian home cooking.”

On a personal level, Bossi reveals that he has adopted a flexitaria­n diet. “One of the reasons I embarked on this journey six years ago came from wanting to improve my overall health and reduce my impact on the environmen­t. By reducing the consumptio­n of animal protein, we are supporting our collective effect to bring down greenhouse gas emissions generated from animal husbandry. I was committed to finding options that had the best nutritiona­l value, without compromisi­ng on taste.”

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