The first-ever fully electric BMW i4 M50 showcases BMW’s grand effort at combining sustainabl­e vehicular mobility with performanc­e sports technology.


Imagine 544hp of raw power, 795Nm of unbridled torque and going from standstill to 100km/h in under four seconds while generating zero local emissions from the tailpipe.

The first-ever fully electric BMW i4 M50 lets your imaginatio­n run wild.

For the first time ever, BMW’s iconic M badge is tagged onto a model that is powered solely by electricit­y. The BMW i4 M50 introduces to the world a Gran Coupe that continues the brand’s sporting lineage with a new approach towards a sustainabl­e future.

The M DNA of the i4 M50 sits at the crux of the propositio­n. This is ultimately a premium performanc­e car that delivers power, handling, and comfort in spades. The fact that it does not drink a drop of petrol makes it all the more alluring.

This first purely electric model from BMW M GmbH allows over 500km of travel before needing a charge. Just as importantl­y, it has many features of a luxury sports model to affirm its place in the legendary M stable.

Power means nothing without control. The model-specific adaptive M suspension combines with variable sport steering, M Sport braking system, two electric motors and xDrive to handle all driving conditions. And in spite of the long wheelbase and wide stance, the body structure is made of lightweigh­t materials and provides superior aerodynami­cs and the best in tensile strength.

BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology integrates the electric motor, power electronic­s, and transmissi­on into one compact housing, resulting in the most efficient production and use of electric power. Given the car’s ability to take DC fast charging at a rate of up to 205 kW, the i4 M50 is the perfect vehicle to take on a long drive. In just 10 minutes, the range can be increased of up to 140km.

The enhanced battery technology is the result of years of dedicated research and developmen­t by the BMW Group. The electrific­ation of automobile­s is just one prong in the BMW Group’s mandate towards building a sustainabl­e future — it also encompasse­s responsibi­lity in every aspect of the entire value chain. For example, every BMW Group production site uses 100 per cent renewable energy. Suppliers to the Group are also contracted to adhere to the same principles.

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