Prestige (Singapore)



This Hermès sandal looks like what Barbarella would strut to town in when she’s not on an interstell­ar mission. Zoom in to the graphic heel crafted from transparen­t, Uv-resistant plexiglass with lacquered finishes – it alone requires a staggering 11 manufactur­ing stages, three applicatio­ns of varnish and three drying stages in total. The bulbous sculpture is inspired by the Djerba vase from Saint-louis, a prestigiou­s name among crystal glassmaker­s in the world that was acquired by the Hermès group in 1995. With a history that stretches back to 1586, Saint-louis is France’s oldest glass manufactur­er, and its spirit of innovation is echoed in this Pierre Hardydesig­ned sandal where artisanal craftsmans­hip meets a futuristic aesthetic. Enriched with a suede goatskin upper, the globe-like jewel heel evokes spaceships or planets in this cosmic reimaginat­ion of Hermès’ 2021 “A Human Odyssey” theme, igniting a sense of wanderlust.

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