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What you pick to frame the entry point to your house makes a dramatic impact on your sense of place as well as your guest’s first impression­s.


WHEN THE SOFT RAYS of the morning sun cast a warm glow on a majestic residence, the interiors magically light up and transform it into a masterpiec­e of architectu­re and design. When night falls, how the interior lighting radiates from within can make the house a mesmerisin­g beacon of beauty.

Optimising light through the clever use of sliding door systems is an important feature of the design of a landed home. Beyond facilitati­ng light, such sliding doors create a seamless flow between the indoor spaces and the soul-soothing natural elements of the outdoors. They can also make a room look larger, brighter and more appealing by extending its visual length and width.

The most functional and versatile sliding door systems are made of top-quality aluminium that is lasting and rust-resistant. Bond Building, a leading specialist in facade systems, is a distributo­r for top European aluminium solutions brand Reynaers Aluminium. The preferred choice for many architects and contractor­s worldwide, Reynaers provides sliding door systems that are technologi­cally advanced, yet combine practicali­ty and sustainabi­lity with modern aesthetics.

Particular­ly popular is the Concept Patio 130 (-Lift Slide), a highly insulated slide and lift-slide system that meets the most stringent requiremen­ts of stability, safety and insulation. Available in various opening configurat­ions, CP 130 is versatile and offers a low threshold option that makes a building more accessible. It also comes in a special configurat­ion for corners so that the indoor and outdoor spaces become seamless. This works well even for large spaces as its robust structure allows the constructi­on of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a vent weight up to 300kg.

The CP 130 (-Lift Slide) can be seen in its full glory on a Sundridge Park Road bungalow, as above. In addition to luxury residences, Bond Building has also worked on commercial projects like the Grace Assembly of God on Tanglin Road, and Central Link on Jalan Kilang Barat. A trusted building supplier since 2005, Bond Building also offers architectu­ral consultanc­y on behalf of other brands it distribute­s, such as Trespa Meteon, Swisspearl and VMZINC.

Visit the Bond Building showroom at #01-02 Central Link, 8 Jalan Kilang Barat, 6558 7551, or check out its full range of services and products at

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