Prestige (Singapore)



One of two new dance-inspired timepieces enriching the maison’s Extraordin­ary Dials collection for the first time, the Lady Danse depicts a solo dancer in the midst of a twirl.

On this 33mm white gold, manual-winding mechanical watch, the dainty subject sparkles with a single diamond-set face. Studded with rubies and hemmed with yellow gold, her ‘50s-style dress swishes as she performs an arabesque.

Her ballet slippers, adorned with the miniature painting technique, also catch the eye in scarlet red. Sculpted in relief, her silhouette contrasts beautifull­y against the dial’s backdrop

– a dynamic, three-dimensiona­l marquetry of ornamental stones. To achieve this, white mother-of-pearl, turquoise and

chrysopras­e are intricatel­y cut, then carefully assembled side by side. The result: a striking effect of perspectiv­e that amplifies the dancer’s movement. The performanc­e continues on the back of the watch, where an engraving offers a poetic

interpreta­tion of the scene on the dial.

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