Prestige (Singapore)



The quiet elegance of the Les Cabinotier­s Minute Repeater Tourbillon Sky Chart Leo Constellat­ion Jewellery watch dial belies the pièce unique’s extreme technical complexity in decor. The Leo constellat­ion is staged to great effect on the dark blue opaline dial. A masterpiec­e of hand guilloche craftsmans­hip,

the lion’s silhouette comprises a multitude of triangles, each bearing its own pattern. Since the rose engine lathes hand-operated by skilled artisans are designed to engrave decorative elements that are typically circular and geometric, one can imagine the exceptiona­l savoir faire required to depict the big cat in various-sized polygons, whose linear engravings provide striking effects of depth. Stars that compose the constellat­ion are represente­d by brilliant-cut diamonds.

Displayed on the back of the watch via a concave dial designed to accentuate depth, a celestial chart offers a striking view of the

Milky Way and constellat­ions that appear in real time, as if seen through a telescope. Special mention goes to the Calibre 2755 TMRCC, which integrates three major horologica­l complicati­ons: a tourbillon, minute repeater and rotating sky chart. Lastly, 100 baguette-cut sapphires bezel-set

with laser precision on the lugs, crown and bezel add colour and sophistica­tion to the piece.

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