Prestige (Singapore)

A Precious Yuletide

Enliven the holiday season with one, or even two, sparkling gifts.



Napoleon’s imperial bee symbol takes pride of place on a graphic hexagon in a new rose gold medallion that enriches the Bee My Love collection. Worn like a charm, it’s great for combining with other pieces from the emblematic line such as the bracelets pictured here.


The house’s limitededi­tion Vintage Alhambra pendant for 2021 sees the debut of tender pink rhodonite. A delicate beaded rose gold frame adds the finishing touch to the mineral, whose light brown inclusions and subtle white crystals lend unique character to each piece. For a more meaningful gift, personalis­e the back of the pendant with an engraving of a name, date or message.


If you’re searching for an extravagan­t piece, this magnificen­t Graff necklace with 26.45 carats of heart-shaped emeralds and multi-shaped diamonds totalling 77.19 carats is perfect.


The maison’s Star Blossom jewellery collection now features a selection of pendants, ear studs, a bracelet and ring in white gold and diamonds that can be worn alone, layered or combined. Evoking the house’s trunk-making heritage is a white gold nail that lies at the heart of each Monogram Flower motif.


Looking for a resolutely modern ring? The Tiffany Jewel Box yellow gold rings in tanzanite or pink tourmaline fit the bill. Suspended in a gold frame like an art piece, the majesty of the each stone is highlighte­d so extraordin­arily that one can’t help but be awestruck by nature’s beauty.

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