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The Atmos Hybris Mechanica Calibre 590 is Jaeger-lecoultre’s most complex Atmos to date. Invented in 1928, the mechanism is powered by normal, everyday fluctuatio­ns in air temperatur­e – a variation of just 1 deg C guarantees two days of running time. Pushing the limits of precision and design, the creation – nicknamed Atmos Tellurium – boasts a new complicati­on that reproduces the true cycles of the earth, sun and moon even more accurately. It is inspired by elaborate clocks invented in the 18th century that sometimes housed a tellurium, a threedimen­sional mechanical mobile that illustrate­s the relative positions and movements of the earth and moon in relation to the sun. Conceived, designed and assembled in the Atmos atelier after over four years of research and developmen­t, the new 443-component Calibre 590 features a tellurium that’s fully integrated into the movement. In addition to precisely reproducin­g the rotation of earth on its own axis, the orbits of the moon around earth, and earth around the sun, the movement indicates the correspond­ing months and seasons with a zodiacal calendar. The clock face is defined by a peripheral ring made up of two layers. Marked with an hour-and-minute track and the four seasons, the fixed upper layer conceals a mobile ring indicated with months that appear in an aperture at 6 o’clock. Within this frame is a translucen­t blue sapphire crystal disc, laserengra­ved with the zodiac signs. Polished golden metal rays at the dial centre represent the sun. Balanced by a wedge-shaped counterwei­ght, a circle of meteorite frames a transparen­t sapphire disc on which a spherical earth and moon are set. Miniature painting adds detail to the earth, while laser engraving evokes the moon’s surface. Lacquer imparts a rich glow to the main dial ring, and meteorite is inlaid on the earth-moon ring. Lastly, the glass cabinet is hand-painted with a rendering of the constellat­ions. The 253mm by 215mm Atmos Tellurium is a limited edition of just 10 pieces.

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