Prestige (Singapore)

Landmark Launch


Hublot introduces the Big Bang Unico Ledger, a watch created in partnershi­p with Ledger, a leading global

crypto and digital asset platform. Based on the Big Bang Unico, the 42mm watch boasts a black ceramic case and in-house skeletonis­ed

automatic chronograp­h movement. Its most striking

feature is its high-contrast bezel cast in solid Electrum – a natural gold and silver alloy

used by Lydian societies around 580 to 590 BC to mint the earliest known coins.

For the watch, Hublot developed a special stainless version of the alloy containing

a 50/50 gold-silver mix. The Bitcoin motto in Latin, Vires in Numeris (meaning strength in numbers), is stamped six times into the bezel’s outer

edge. Packaged with the watch is the Ledger & Hublot Nano X, a limited-edition crypto device that’s only available with the watch. The Bluetooth-enabled hardware is Ledger’s digital asset wallet

that can be used to safely encrypt, secure, manage and

grow your crypto assets.

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