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A stal­wart in the metiers d’arts arena, Ja­quet Droz is a spe­cial­ist in some of the most unique and time-hon­oured crafts in Swiss tra­di­tional watch­mak­ing. It’s also one of the last watch man­u­fac­tures ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing au­tom­ata – those me­chan­i­cal mov­ing de­vices that per­form a range of ac­tions. Con­tem­po­rary Ja­quet Droz watches such as the Bird Re­peater, Charm­ing Bird and Lov­ing But­ter­fly Au­toma­ton all fea­ture this de­light­ful com­pli­ca­tion, and in cel­e­bra­tion of its 280th an­niver­sary, the man­u­fac­ture has made a piece unique pocket watch high­light­ing not only its mas­tery of this sin­gu­lar craft, but the com­plete spec­trum of ar­ti­san tech­niques that’s prac­ticed at the Ja­quet Droz ate­liers.

In­deed, the Par­rot Re­peater Pocket Watch rep­re­sents the man­u­fac­ture Ja­quet Droz like no other cur­rent time­piece does. Think of it as the all-in-one plat­form for a be­spoke cus­tomer to vi­su­alise the many dif­fer­ent skills and crafts Ja­quet Droz has per­fected over the years – and not just dec­o­ra­tive but also watch­mak­ing savoir faire. Au­tom­ata craft­ing, minia­ture paint­ing, minia­ture re­lief en­grav­ing, tra­di­tional gem-set­ting, grand feu enam­elling and pail­lon­nee enam­elling which is the rarest of all enam­elling styles and a spe­cial­ity at Ja­quet Droz, are just some of the most ev­i­dent ones.

It took the man­u­fac­ture three years to con­ceive of, de­sign, pro­to­type, fab­ri­cate and dec­o­rate this one-of-a-kind time­piece. Based on the Bird Re­peater move­ment which comes with mov­ing au­tom­ata and a minute re­peater com­pli­ca­tion with cathedral gongs, it is a three-di­men­sional work of art com­pris­ing 668 com­po­nents that will take you back to the time of Pierre Ja­quet-Droz, whose fas­ci­na­tion with na­ture is a con­stant source of in­spi­ra­tion for the brand to­day. www.ja­

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