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5,204cc, 32 valves,

640bhp at 8,000rpm 600Nm at 6,500rpm

2.9 sec­onds 325km/hr

Seven-speed dual-clutch

13.7 litres/100km the pow­er­plant for praise, along with its “ap­peal­ing de­sign”.

Its dual-clutch gear­box, too, im­pressed guest driv­ers with its light­ning-quick shifts and smooth­ness, with He Jian Peng and Michael Lee cit­ing the trans­mis­sion as their favourite as­pect of the car.

Said Richard Koh: “The car has sur­passed its pre­de­ces­sors on mul­ti­ple lev­els – I didn’t ex­pect to get such a thrill from driv­ing it. The en­gine re­sponse is im­pec­ca­ble and it’s so com­fort­able to drive in Strada mode. The Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante didn’t just change my im­pres­sion of the Lam­borgh­ini sports car, but of the brand and its tech­ni­cal fi­nesse as well.”

Koh went on to say that the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante sur­prised him, not so much from its sense of speed, but from how it’s changed his opin­ion of Lam­borgh­i­nis. “I’ve al­ways been a Ferrari guy. I used to think Lam­borgh­i­nis were coarse, but the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante turned out to be a great ev­ery­day car.”

“What’s a Ferrari, again?” quipped Eu­gene Yang, him­self the owner of a Ferrari, with an­other Ferrari owner, Gian­luigi Ros­setti, sim­ply call­ing the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante “per­fec­tion”. Pearl Soe­gianto was equally smit­ten by the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante’s charms. “Does any­body want to gift me this car?” she asked in jest.

But for all the plau­dits guest driv­ers heaped upon the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante, its brash, hard­core na­ture didn’t sit well with some. Evrard Bordier liked its looks and en­gine note, but said it was “im­pos­si­ble to live with” as a daily driver. He and Ter­ence Yong were of the opin­ion that the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante had poor for­ward/rear­ward vis­i­bil­ity. Henry Mok, Wong and Mark Tan also lamented the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante’s lack of scis­sor doors, a key de­sign fea­ture of its big­ger brother, the Aven­ta­dor.

Over­all, how­ever, while the Hu­ra­can Per­for­mante did have some nig­gling flaws, it also had nearuni­ver­sal ap­peal.

The last word in Lam­borgh­ini Hu­ra­cans re­ally did man­age to have the last word af­ter all.

Its dual-clutch gear­box, too, im­pressed guest driv­ers with its light­ningquick shifts and smooth­ness.

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