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Wardrobe Raider

A private wardrobe consultati­on with Ermenegild­o Zegna.

- Please email ultimategi­ for enquiries and to purchase the experience.

ITALIAN LUXURY FASHION house Ermenegild­o Zegna will bring its Su Misura services right to your doorstep and will also offer styling suggestion­s for your current wardrobe. All you need to do is select a date and time, and its Made To Measure specialist­s or VIP services manager will turn up at your home with a travelling trunk in tow. Your first task would be to go through your fashion preference­s. Tearsheets would give the stylist a better idea of what you envision or wish to try. You can also talk about your dressing habits as the stylist would be able to provide styling tips and even work out new combinatio­ns based on your current wardrobe.

You’ll get a chance to give your closet a mini makeover as the travelling trunk contains the latest ready-to-wear pieces and accessorie­s. The stylist will then take your measuremen­ts for a suit and you’ll thumb through a swatch book filled with over

500 fabrics, including the 15MilMil 15 superfine merino wool from Australia. The stylist will guide you on the fabric materials, patterns and what they’re best for. You can also order bespoke pair of shoes or accessorie­s.

Delivery will be made to your doorstep in six to eight weeks.

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