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Bugatti’s Custom-Bodied Chiron

When a regular Chiron is just too common, one opts for the ultimate customised option. Meet Daryl Lee’s dream machine.


NOW, BUGATTI IS a carmaker not entirely unaccustom­ed to extremes. It makes just the one product, but boy, is that product a doozy. Its power output, even in ‘base’ trim is pegged at 1,500hp, courtesy of a quad-turbocharg­ed 16-cylinder engine.

So, just what makes the Chiron-based La Voiture Noire so special, then? While Bugatti didn’t reveal its top speed, the fact it’s kept mum about it would lead one to assume that, like some other Chirons, it’s electronic­ally held back to 420km/hr.

And its power output is the same as the vanilla Chiron, at 1,500hp. It also has a reworked drivetrain and suspension, to give the car more of a GT feel.

No, what makes La Voiture Noire so special is that unlike the common-as-muck Chiron Super Sport (30 examples), or the Centodieci (10 examples), there will be just one La Voiture Noire. Yes, just one will exist and it’s already been spoken for.

So while we can’t have La Voiture Noire sitting underneath our tree this year, the fact Bugatti even built it is indicative of the fact it’s open to building another one-off Chiron. However, getting one won’t be easy.

Suffice it to say, your pockets will have to be sufficient­ly deep – La Voiture Noire holds the record for most expensive car in history at €11 million. You’ll also have to be patient, with build times taking close to three years, exclusive of the back-and-forth consultati­on during the design process.

Still, for a one-off, custom-bodied Bugatti, we’d be prepared to wait any length of time. Good things come to those who wait, it’s said, and since a custom Bugatti is a very good thing, a long wait just comes with the territory.

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