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Built to Last

Inside one of the world’s most secure buildings lies a blue diamond ring that only a lucky few will ever see.


THERE IS SOMETHING glistening in Le Freeport, Singapore’s private, maximum-security vault that’s billed as Asia’s Fort Knox. It’s blue, bright and shiny, and sits in a 25sqm vault within the highly impregnabl­e building. Only worn once by former James Bond girl Jane Seymour, it is aptly named after the EnglishAme­rican actress.

Unveiled by Russian diamond company World of Diamonds in 2016, the Jane Seymour diamond ring is more than just a statement accessory. Within the floral-inspired design nestles a rare 2.08-carat fancy vivid blue diamond (seen on this month’s cover). Experts studied the rough cut for more than a year before deciding on its cushion shape.

And with its exclusive associatio­n with one of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses, it was only right that the owner decided to build a vault dedicated solely to the masterpiec­e.

Built to resemble a sophistica­ted space capsule, the vault draws sleek design cues from the seats of firstclass cabins – attesting to the fact that the experts from World of Diamonds don’t just possess good taste in the craft of jewellery-making. It’s elegantly washed in hues of white and cream, from the vast wall panels (that are accentuate­d with screens showing footage of the galaxy) and steel flooring to the dedicated booth-like seating area for the owner’s guests.

Encased in a transparen­t high-security cylindrica­l structure that sits in the middle of the vault, the diamond ring shines in all its majesty, primed to leave the lucky ones who have the privilege to access the vault in absolute awe.

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