Robb Report Singapore

Seafood Paella

By José Alonso, Kulto


20ml olive oil

200g Bomba rice

40g sofrito1

1kg fumet2

300g Marca marinera 4g prawns

4g mussels

4g clams

5g salt

In a paella pan or cast iron skillet, saute Bomba rice and sofrito in olive oil till it starts to brown. Add fumet and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Move the pan around from time to time to make sure the rice is spread out evenly. Lastly, add all the seafood during the last five minutes of cooking and serve after the mussels and clams open their shells.


100g onion, brunoised

200g fresh tomatoes, diced 100g cuttlefish, diced

Saute onions with olive oil till slightly golden brown. Add diced tomatoes and reduce till dry, set aside. Cook cuttlefish in water till water boils, then sieve cuttlefish out. Mix the tomato mix and cuttlefish. Set aside till ready to use.


500g fish bones 200g onions, diced 100g carrots, diced 200g prawn shells 4 litres water

Combine all ingredient­s in a pot and boil for 20 minutes. Simmer for an hour, strain and set aside.

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