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When it comes to un­der­gear, most men stick to ba­sics and sta­ples. Plain white briefs might have been a good idea when you’re 12 and in school, just not as suit­able when you’re 28. Your un­der­gear is what keeps you com­fort­able. Pick the right type for your­self and you will al­ways have a bet­ter day ahead.

it’s all about qual­i­tyThe choice of ma­te­rial is what makes your un­der­gear com­fort­able. Cot­ton is a nat­u­ral choice for many peo­ple, and good pima cot­ton un­der­wear is soft, sup­ple and breath­able. How­ever, cot­ton is also slow to dry and does not gen­er­ally stretch well. Cot­ton is ab­sorbent and does not wick mois­ture from your body. It is es­sen­tial that you change out of it af­ter you sweat.

Newer in­no­va­tions and ma­te­ri­als used in un­der­gear in­clude ly­cra and span­dex, as well as blends of cot­ton with the two ma­te­ri­als to cre­ate an al­ter­na­tive that stretches and wears well over time. Mi­cro-fi­bre is an­other pop­u­lar op­tion as it pos­sesses sweatwick­ing prop­er­ties as well as dries fast. Which­ever you choose is a mat­ter of pref­er­ence, life­style or in con­sid­er­a­tion of cer­tain sports and ac­tiv­i­ties. If itʼs an ac­tive life­style you pur­sue, mi­cro-fi­bre is ideal. Other­wise, high qual­ity cot­ton is per­fect.

BOX­ERS OR BRIEFS These were the two pri­mary op­tions for un­der­gear styles in the past, but to­day, the boxer brief hy­brid reigns supreme. Box­ers are com­fort­able, but briefs fit well. The trunk short offers a lit­tle of each. Ul­ti­mately, un­der­gear is a mat­ter of per­sonal pref­er­ence.

have some funYou might have a som­bre dress code at work, but it cer­tainly doesn’t ex­tend to your un­der­gear. Go for al­ter­na­tives other than white, even though that does look great. Just avoid weird prints; youʼre not a child any more.

MAN SCAPING Body hair is an­other mat­ter of per­sonal pref­er­ence. De­signer Tom Ford, one of the most well-groomed men in the world, has fre­quently com­mented about man­scap­ing, shown off his chest hair with an un­but­toned shirt, and pointed out that body hair is nat­u­ral. But when it comes to back hair, it’s prob­a­bly a good idea to wax or shave. It just is­nʼt at­trac­tive. If you are pro­fusely hir­sute, rather than shave, trim. Get a good set of clip­pers to main­tain some sem­blance of hav­ing evolved.

Com­pres­sion Wear

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, the com­pres­sion garment which hides all the ex­cess, has in­tro­duced a sim­i­lar se­ries for guys who aren't in great shape but want to look sharp. It’s a tem­po­rary fix un­til the gym rou­tine yields re­sults. In the mean­time, if you need some as­sis­tance look­ing good, Spanx for Men is the gear to con­sider. Ul­ti­mately, you still need to get into a fit­ness rou­tine to get in shape. Spanx only works up till the point you take it off. And it can only do so much.


Un­der­gear con­sti­tutes pretty much every­thing you wear next to your skin, cov­er­ing briefs, socks and un­der­shirts that keep pit stains from show­ing. Among these, socks have a higher chance of get­ting seen and thus is an area that al­lows for self ex­pres­sion.

SOCK IT UP It’s much more re­laxed these days, but the cor­po­rate arena still de­mands stan­dard deco­rum and dress codes, which leaves pre­cious few ar­eas for men to ex­press them­selves.

These in­clude the tie, bowtie, pocket square and most cer­tainly socks.

There is a whole slew of colours, pat­terns and prints for liven­ing up this area of your out­fit. If you ʼre work­ing in a con­ser­va­tive en­vi­ron­ment, stick with solids but opt for more strik­ing colours rather than black or grey. Those with greater free­dom can go for creative prints, even in­ter­chang­ing sides from dif­fer­ent pairs, to ex­press a quirky sense of hu­mour. With so much choice, why con­strain your­self to the norm?

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