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Most stones pos­sess some amount of in­clu­sions due to the way nat­u­ral gem­stones are formed, un­der or­ganic cir­cum­stances with in­tense pres­sure and at high tem­per­a­tures within the Earth. Ac­cord­ing to Hut­ton’s law of in­clu­sions, the con­tent of the in­clu­sions are al­ways older than the stone it­self, and may con­sti­tute wa­ter, gas, pe­tro­leum or xeno­liths, that are formed when they are trapped in the crys­tals. Coloured stones nearly al­ways pos­sess some in­clu­sion, but do not nec­es­sar­ily di­min­ish the value of the stone.

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