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The fu­ture is now! While the meal-in-a-pill com­monly ap­pears through­out sci­ence fic­tion, we march to­wards this re­al­ity ev­ery day. Soy­lent, a nu­tri­tion­ally-com­plete drink (touted as a meal re­place­ment) has ex­ploded across cir­cles of

“food hack­ers"—peo­ple look­ing to trans­form and con­sume food in non-tra­di­tional ways to make both sus­te­nance and plea­sure more ef­fi­cient.

Across the uni­verse, de­pic­tions of alien cul­tures are of­ten grounded with food—whether it’s strange, wrig­gling crit­ters, or ex­tra­galac­tic goops and sponges. Food al­lows us to re­late to said aliens, while at the same time em­pha­sis­ing that they’re not quite hu­man. Strangely enough, many meals in sci­ence fic­tion also seem to in­volve slurp­ing up noo­dles: Rick Deckard in Blade Run­ner, and more re­cently Prometheus. It seems like the fu­ture is a glob­alised one, where white peo­ple have no trou­ble us­ing chop­sticks. Where else could you have noo­dles other than the Far East to­day? New York, or any ma­jor city comes to mind.

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