Restau­rant Of Our Dreams


The SALT team has eaten at count­less restau­rants through the course of our work and while we will prob­a­bly never own a din­ing es­tab­lish­ment, one can still dream, right? Here’s where we would

love to eat at in an ideal world.

Ev­ery meal will start with a warm­ing broth and ( Ja­panese hot/ cold towel ser­vice). Bet­ter yet, tow­els are scented with lemon­grass or laven­der, like in a spa.

2. The breads here will be baked in a wood-fire oven and ac­com­pa­nied by

Pepe Saya’s rich and tang y cul­tured but­ter from Aus­tralia.

3. On the menu is the best bar­be­cue—over wood­fire, a mix of bin­chotan and ap­ple­wood—you will ever eat in your life. Fatty, smoky, crispy and meaty bits of ev­ery an­i­mal pos­si­ble, served with a lot of spicy, acidic sauces and fresh bit­ter greens. The dry aged meat pro­gram will of­fer un­usual and sea­sonal cuts like Ao­mori beef from cows fed with rice stalks.

4. A big sec­tion of the menu de­voted to veg­etable dishes that are not cur­sory or treated like a side. To re­duce food wastage, our dream restau­rant will im­ple­ment sus­tain­able prac­tises such as us­ing pro­duce from root to tip, and nose to tail.

Cat-shaped salt and pep­per shakers by Swedish de­signer Lisa Lar­son will add a touch of charm and whimsy to sturdy, un­var­nished wood ta­bles in the restau­rant. No table­cloths are needed.

Laguiole En Aubrac hand­made steak knives from France are a cut above the rest.

7. A cu­rated wine list of mostly or­ganic, bio­dy­namic and min­i­ma­l­in­ter­ven­tion wines. For tee­to­tallers, a slew of fer­mented juices will quench their thirst. We don’t need a full-on cock­tail bar but the bar­tender should be able to serve up sim­ple and bal­anced cock­tails (like the Ne­groni).

Only Gabriel-Glas wine glasses will do.

Sin­gle tree ori­gin Chi­nese tea like the

Lin­cang in Yun­nan is served af­ter ev­ery meal.

10. A dessert ta­ble span­ning 2m long will dis­play ev­ery­thing from Paris-Brest

to the flaki­est Por­tuguese egg tarts and good ol’ bread & but­ter pud­ding. 11. A cheese trol­ley boast­ing a dozen ar­ti­san, old-fash­ioned cheeses from far

flung lands, like a Noyer aged in grappa for four years.

12. Open kitchen with bar counter seat­ing so guests can catch the cook­ing in


13. A slightly buzzy at­mos­phere, but open enough that you can hear each

other talk.

14. For us, the best place to en­joy a meal is out in the open air, so al-fresco seat­ing on grass is a must. No astro-turf please, just real car­pet grass that’ll mirac­u­lously never be muddy.

15. Clean and large wash­rooms with good light­ing, Ae­sop hand soaps and lo­tions, and lush hand tow­els. Tooth­picks, floss, and mouth­wash are pro­vided for fresh­en­ing up af­ter a meal.

16. At the end of the meal, fresh-from-the-oven choco­late chip cook­ies

for the road.



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