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Non-In­va­sive Min­i­mum Down­time Nat­u­ral Look­ing Last­ing Re­sults


Chem­i­cal peel treat­ment uses Man­delic acid de­rived from al­monds which has anti-bac­te­rial prop­er­ties. This soft­en­ing agent re­moves the dam­aged and un­even out­er­most layer of the skin. Re-sur­fac­ing the skin and smoothen­ing out its tex­ture. This treat­ment can im­prove both fine and coarse lines, lighten pig­men­ta­tion, scars and even re­duce pore size.’


Microderma­brasion is a non-in­va­sive treat­ment that uses an abra­sive tool to ex­fo­li­ate and re­move the su­per­fi­cial layer of dry, dead skin cells. A di­a­mond tip is used to buff and pol­ish the skin with suc­tion to vac­uum loose skin cells from the face. Suited for peo­ple with fine lines, un­even skin tex­ture, clogged pores or pig­men­ta­tion. Works well with Chem­i­cal Peel Treat­ment.


Thread lift­ing is a min­i­mally in­va­sive tech­nique us­ing Poly­diox­anone (PDO) thread to achieve a face-lift­ing ef­fect with min­i­mal down­time, it is a safer al­ter­na­tive to sur­gi­cal lift­ing. This biodegrad­able PDO thread de­liv­ers im­me­di­ate no­tice­able re­sults and also helps stim­u­late col­la­gen growth at the in­serted area over­time.


Sculptra, also known as “poly-L-lac­tic acid” (PLLA), is an in­jectable that re­stores col­la­gen that was lost dur­ing the ag­ing process. Sculptra is a vo­lu­mizer sci­en­tif­i­cally de­signed to stim­u­late nat­u­ral col­la­gen growth un­der the skin.


Skin boost­ers help im­prove the qual­ity of your skin by boost­ing hy­dra­tion lev­els be­neath the skin. As it lifts and re­stores vol­ume, the face in­creases elas­tic­ity and firm­ness while stim­u­lat­ing col­la­gen pro­duc­tion. The treat­ment in­volves de­liv­ery of Hyaluronic Acid in a se­ries of tiny in­jec­tions, in­jected into the cho­sen area of the skin. Re­sults are no­tice­able and skin im­prove­ments are vis­i­ble just after one treat­ment with min­i­mum down­time.

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