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The Meat Men’s well-pro­duced fast-paced videos of their lo­cally in­spired dishes al­ways look in­cred­i­bly easy to pre­pare. Thank­fully for their fans, th­ese recipes have now been doc­u­mented in this book. Some of them are rather lengthy, so I chose one that I would con­sider pre­par­ing for my­self at home.

The ti­tle of the recipe is a lit­tle de­ceiv­ing as the fi­nal dish is ac­tu­ally dry fish­ball noo­dles (with a side of soup). I bought fresh mee pok (flat egg noo­dles) from Tekka Mar­ket as I pre­fer the tex­ture. But you could of course get stan­dard yel­low noo­dles from your neigh­bour­hood su­per­mar­ket. After read­ing through the steps, I found the recipe sim­ple and promis­ing. All you need is to or­gan­ise two pots for boil­ing and blanch­ing, and a cou­ple of large bowls for toss­ing and as­sem­bling.

Although the recipe called for minced pork sim­mered with sesame oil and light soy sauce in a pot,

I felt that it might be more flavour­ful if we browned the meat in a pan. How­ever, the essence of the dish is the noo­dle sauce, com­posed of black vine­gar, fish sauce, light sauce, sam­bal chilli–and if you must, fried pork lard with oil. It’s the sam­bal here that’s key to how well the recipe turns out, as it’s one of the few in­gre­di­ents that can wildly vary in qual­ity de­pend­ing on where you buy yours (or de­pend­ing on who makes it)—I used a very good one.

I blanched the noo­dles and beansprout­s, tossed with the sauce, and then topped with the minced meat, fish­ball and fish­cake. For the soup stock, I cheated by us­ing ikan bilis stock cube, but that’s re­ally not an is­sue, as the soup is sec­ondary in this case.

Would you buy mee pok tah from your favourite hawker stall or pre­pare this from scratch? If you wanted to im­press your fam­ily with this fool­proof week­end dish, the recipe is easy enough and def­i­nitely slurp wor­thy. Don’t for­get to scat­ter the noo­dles with a hand­ful of chopped spring onions and fried shal­lots be­fore serv­ing.

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