I’m very lean, but I can’t get rid of that lower-belly pooch. How do I get it gone?

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Do­ing HIIT can burn off fat more ef­fi­ciently than steady car­dio, but also make sure you’re work­ing those 10 to 15 cm of mus­cle be­low your belly but­ton to firm and tighten the foun­da­tion be­neath that so-called pooch. My go-to moves are low-leg scoops (sit at the end of a bench, knees bent in to chest in table­top po­si­tion; scoop legs in a down­ward mo­tion, then cir­cle them back to table­top) and con­trolled can­dle­sticks (ly­ing faceup on a bench with hands grip­ping the bench be­hind your head and legs ex­tended straight up, lift and lower hips off the bench).

CHANGE YOUR VENUE Walk out­side for five min­utes to put some men­tal dis­tance be­tween you and what’s stress­ing you. JEN WIDERSTROM IS A FIT­NESS PRO, A LIFE COACH, AND THE AU­THOR OF DIET RIGHT FOR YOUR PER­SON­AL­ITY TYPE.

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