This lady can do 10 con­sec­u­tive chin ups in per­fect form.

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over­come my shy­ness – when I was try­ing all these un­usual sports, I felt a lit­tle more un­touch­able.

But on top of that, I re­ally like the val­ues that do­ing sports teaches. It’s re­ally all about hard work and dis­ci­pline. Those were val­ues that re­ally helped me con­nect with my hus­band, who’s also big on fitness.

You don’t have a typ­i­cal life that other 28 year-olds have.

Our life is so un­pre­dictable. I used to fly three to five times a week with my hus­band be­fore I had the kids, but now it’s down to at least once a week. We could de­cide to fly in a cou­ple of hours; by now, it takes me just five min­utes to pack.

Peo­ple read about Grab in the news but they don’t see the lows and the heartache and sleep­less nights it took in those early days. I don’t have the usual is­sues other peo­ple my age have, and it can be quite daunt­ing and over­whelm­ing. But I’m just so proud that we man­aged to get here, and that we are im­pact­ing so many lives.

How do you keep fit when you’re trav­el­ling so of­ten? When I was dat­ing An­thony, we were fly­ing up to 10 times a week, but we would al­ways find the time to stay ac­tive. We would hit 20,000 steps just run­ning through air­ports, car­ry­ing our lug­gage up the stairs and do­ing lit­tle HIIT ex­er­cises in our ho­tel rooms. Once, we even walked across the bor­der to Shen­zhen from Hong Kong, be­cause there was an ur­gent meet­ing. We had to stay fit to sur­vive build­ing a start-up.

These days, we make sure that the ho­tel that we stay in has a gym. We also run, and walk a lot – we find a way to make things work.

Why is fitness so im­por­tant to you? What I like about the gym is that it’s a level play­ing field. No one cares about who we are, what we do, or who I mar­ried. Peo­ple just com­ment on how much I lift, or en­cour­age me, and it’s a very mo­ti­vat­ing en­vi­ron­ment. It’s a com­pli­cated world out there, and be­ing in the gym helps me block out all the noise. The only thing I hear is, “You’re go­ing to do it, and you can do it.”

But an­other rea­son why it’s so im­por­tant for me to care for my health is be­cause of my mother. When I was 18, she was di­ag­nosed with lym­phoma can­cer and passed away just three months later. It was re­ally tough, es­pe­cially for my lit­tle sis­ter who was only eight at the time and had to go through ado­les­cence with­out her mum. My want­ing to lead a healthy life is a trib­ute to my mother – I want to be able to travel with my kids when they are older, and even­tu­ally meet my grand­chil­dren. I owe it to them to be strong and be pre­pared for any­thing.

”With weight train­ing, I get a kick out of see­ing the load in­crease, and see­ing how much my body is ca­pa­ble of.“

What mo­ti­vates you to push your­self at the gym? I’m very num­bers- and goals-ori­ented – be­cause I don’t have a reg­u­lar job, set­ting my­self goals is kind of like giv­ing my­self KPIs. My goals change depend­ing on my needs. It could be pre­par­ing for a pho­to­shoot, or a spe­cial oc­ca­sion like Christ­mas. When I started go­ing to the gym af­ter my sec­ond child, I set a goal of do­ing two con­sec­u­tive chin ups. With the help of my trainer, I can now do 10, and we’re try­ing weighted chin-ups as well.

Why weight train­ing, out of all the sports you’ve tried? It’s a per­sonal pref­er­ence – I find that things like yoga and pi­lates are a bit too static for me. With weight train­ing I get a kick out of see­ing the load in­crease, and see­ing how much my body is ca­pa­ble of. For ex­am­ple, I worked on train­ing my shoul­ders and back mus­cles for 11 weeks be­fore at­tempt­ing a sin­gle chin up, and by the 12th week I could do four. That’s why I love weight train­ing – when you get stronger, you can do so many other things.

Are you equally dis­ci­plined when it comes to food? Grow­ing up, I never had any body im­age is­sues be­cause I never heard the word “diet”. I’m so grate­ful to my par­ents for the child­hood I had. It’s the same now – my hus­band and I don’t be­lieve in fads or cleanses. We all have in­di­vid­ual needs. I re­alised that my body didn’t re­spond well when I cut carbs, and it ac­tu­ally got leaner when I ate a bowl of white rice a day.

We en­joy food that makes us feel good. [Chloe points to three large glass bowls on the kitchen counter.] In­stead of junk food, we fill our home with protein packs, vi­ta­mins and cof­fee cap­sules. I re­alised how much we as par­ents shape our kids when my son asked his teacher if the cho­co­late milk she was pour­ing for the kids was a protein shake!

”Grow­ing up, I never had any body is­sues be­cause I never heard the word ’diet‘. I‘m so grate­ful to my par­ents for the child­hood I had.“

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