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> 1 Ruby Red grape­fruit >

2 tbsp Di­jon mus­tard

> 2 tbsp ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil

> 3 tbsp honey

> 4 gar­lic cloves, smashed and peeled

> 3 rosemary sprigs

> 450g beets, peeled and cut into 1cm wedges

> 1 whole pork ten­der­loin (570g), trimmed

> Salt and black pep­per

> Chopped fresh pars­ley, for serv­ing

1. With a veg­etable peeler, re­move 4 strips of peel from the grape­fruit. Squeeze ¾ cup juice from the grape­fruit into a small bowl. Whisk in the mus­tard, oil, and 2 ta­ble­spoons honey, then stir in the gar­lic, rosemary, and grape­fruit zest. Di­vide be­tween 2 large re­seal­able plas­tic bags. Put the beets in one bag and the pork in the other. Seal and re­frig­er­ate for at least 2 hours and up to 8 hours.

2. Pre­heat oven to 230 deg C. Line a rimmed bak­ing sheet with foil.

3. Put the pork on the bak­ing sheet, wip­ing off ex­cess mari­nade, then rub the re­main­ing 1 ta­ble­spoon honey on top of the pork. Re­move the beets from the mari­nade and scat­ter around the pork. Sea­son ev­ery­thing with salt and pep­per.

4. Roast un­til a meat ther­mome­ter in­serted in the pork reg­is­ters 60 deg C, about 20 min­utes. Trans­fer the pork to a cut­ting board and let rest. Mean­while, stir the beets and re­turn to the oven. Roast un­til the beets are ten­der, about 7 min­utes longer.

5. While the pork and beets roast, strain the mari­nade into a small saucepan. Dis­card the solids. Bring the mari­nade to a boil, then boil un­til re­duced to a syrupy glaze, about 8 min­utes. Keep warm.

6. Slice the pork and ar­range on a plate with the beets and boiled mari­nade. Gar­nish with pars­ley and serve.

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