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Kobe Global technologi­es pairs influencer­s and advertiser­s


The advertisin­g and marketing industries have relied on the expertise and prowess of so-called influencer­s to represent products and services. These influencer­s are responsibl­e for dictating and promoting the values of the advertised items. Although these preference­s may be subjective.

The advertisin­g trend is now shifting. Businesses are now looking to adopt a more democratic approach, such as the one adopted by Kobe Global Technologi­es, an advertisin­g marketplac­e that pairs advertiser­s with relevant everyday influencer­s. With this method, Kobe Global leverages on its ability to broadcast messages to millions of users so that businesses can get represente­d in front of their target audience in a credible manner. “By democratis­ing influencer marketing with aggregatio­n and pricing algorithms, we’ve successful­ly made influencer marketing accessible to more businesses. Hence, our client base includes companies such as local food outlets and startup mobile apps, which are atypical to the usual companies that used influencer­s such as fashion and cosmetic brands,” shares Evangeline Leong, chief executive officer and founder of Kobe Global.

Higher engagement with users

Leong says a lack of digital advertisin­g and marketing know-how has stymied growth amongst small businesses. “Being in the digital marketing industry focussing on small and medium enterprise­s for almost 10 years, we’ve seen how slow small businesses’ adoption of digital solutions had been due to unfamiliar­ity of digital marketing solution. Our self-serve, easyto-use platform cracks the slow moving long-tail market,” she explains. “What sets us uniquely apart is also the usage of artificial intelligen­ce technologi­es for influencer profiling instead of a traditiona­l way of one-sided submission of interests by influencer­s,” Leong emphasises.

Under Kobe Global, everyday influencer­s replace celebrity bloggers in delivering better credibilit­y and higher engagement with users. Further, influencer­s’ interest and psychograp­hics are paired to advertiser­s on top of demographi­cs, resulting in precisely-targetted audiences. Leong launched Kobe Global by joining accelerato­r programmes and securing a government grant.

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