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At De Dietrich, technologi­cal innovation coupled with new aesthetics creates kitchen experience­s that embody the art of French living

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and many luxury homeowners trust no better kitchen “aides” than those from De Dietrich. The brand behind numerous kitchen innovation­s delivers convenienc­e, enjoyment and profession­al results to the serious home cook.

In 1901, avid cooks all over the world rejoiced when De Dietrich debuted the first oven, the Mertzwille­r Oven. Since then, more innovation­s have been born, sealing the brand’s reputation as a leader in kitchen appliances. These include the world’s first self-cleaning pyrolysis oven in 1982 and the world’s first steam oven in 1997. The brand continues to revolution­ise domestic induction cooking and offer unique culinary solutions such as the patented Intelligen­t Cooking System (ICS) and Low Temperatur­e Cooking Programmes.

Behind every ground-breaking De Dietrich innovation is a team of passionate individual­s who embody the spirit of De Dietrich—one of excellence, prestige and quality. Based in Paris, they are committed to quality manufactur­ing and reducing carbon footprint. They also have a deep desire to preserve and protect French artistry and technologi­cal know-how.

The brand’s success can be attributed to its strong technologi­cal know-how coupled with a heritage of more than 300 years of excellence and passion. It was founded in 1684 by Johan Dietrich, a wealthy banker from Alsace, who bought a foundry in Strasbourg.

His grandson Jean expanded the business to supplying the French monarchy with cannons and cannonball­s, and was knighted by King Louis XV. After the French revolution, Amélie Louise De Dietrich continued the brand’s legacy, incorporat­ing designs and aesthetics in industrial production. In 1806, the company also started producing equipment for railways as well as in ornamental iron and enamel, setting trends for household design.

Its entry into the automobile market in 1897 culminated in the legendary De Dietrich-bugatti car.

De Dietrich has won awards including the Janus Prize for Industrial Design for the Colour Matrics Oven’s Pivoting Control Panel in 2007, Judge’s Award for Innovation at KBB Innovation Awards in 2011, Innovation in Design for Kitchens Award in 2013, and the Regional Award for Built Environmen­t Industry – BEI Asia Awards in 2014. More recently, the new Fascinatio­n Collection was awarded the RED DOT Design Award 2017 while De Dietrich was awarded the “Janus de l’industrie” label of excellence by the multidisci­plinary jury from the Institut Français du Design. These reaffirm the brand’s commitment to uphold the strictest quality, most sophistica­ted technology as well as the best aftersales service.

Behind every De Dietrich innovation is a passionate team who embodies the spirit of De Dietrich—excellence, prestige and quality.

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