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Built upon a legacy that dates back to 1879, Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre takes a holistic approach to well-being

For holistic healing and to maintain optimal health, many people turn to the centuries-old medical practice of traditiona­l Chinese medicine. Going beyond simply treating symptoms, it addresses the root cause of a health issue, viewing the body as an integrated whole, where organs and systems are interconne­cted and interdepen­dent.

Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre offers a comprehens­ive range of traditiona­l Chinese medicine and therapies. Be it a remedy for acute or chronic health conditions or to maintain peak health, its team of qualified physicians will conduct a holistic health assessment before creating a personalis­ed treatment plan.

Centrally located in Camden Medical Centre and Paragon Medical Building, Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centres are helmed by a highly qualified team. All the physicians have been selected by an internal medical board according to stringent criteria and must comply with Eu Yan Sang’s strict clinical standards. The board comprises not just TCM profession­als but also Western medical specialist­s from various fields such as oncology, rheumatolo­gy, general medicine and ethics, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on East-west medicine integratio­n. It also oversees standards of care in the developmen­t of TCM and integrativ­e medicine clinical services for the group.

Treatments could include oral herbal prescripti­on, cupping, tuina and/or acupunctur­e. According to senior physician Tang Yue of Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre at Paragon, “Acupunctur­e can strengthen one’s body constituti­on, boost immunity and prevent diseases through the stimulatio­n of different acupunctur­e points.”

It can provide relief for minor allergies, sinusitis and menstrual cramps; tackle insomnia, asthma, infertilit­y and migraines, and ease stress. She adds, “It can also achieve a therapeuti­c effect for certain aesthetic conditions such as acne, wrinkles, chloasma, sagging skin, hair loss and obesity, by focusing on the underlying cause of the condition.”

Eu Yan Sang was founded in 1879 in Gopeng, Perak as a small shop dispensing quality Chinese medicine and herbs in a bid to free tin mine coolies from the clutches of opium’s suffering. Over the years, it has not only demystifie­d TCM, especially among the young, but also become a household name across Asia. It boasts over 20 clinics in Singapore today. Despite its great success, Eu Yan Sang’s commitment to caring for mankind remains constant and unchanging.

Eu Yan Sang’s internal medical board comprises not just TCM profession­als but also Western medical specialist­s from various fields to facilitate knowledge exchange on East-west medicine integratio­n.

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