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One-stop medical aesthetics centre Privé Clinic gives discerning clients top-to-toe confidence with its advanced, clinically-proven treatments delivered in a safe, profession­al environmen­t

“Privé’s clients know they are in good hands because the machines and products we use are safe and deliver results.” — Dr Karen Soh, medical director, Privé Clinic

Advancemen­ts in medical science have made looking your best easy, but the best results can only be achieved when the knowledge and tools are in the right hands. Dr Karen Soh, a favourite go-to doctor among Singapore’s well-heeled, offers this advice for patients seeking the right clinic for their beauty aesthetics needs. “The practition­er must have extensive hands-on training, stay updated on the latest techniques and technology, and fully understand the side effects of treatments and know how to control them in a safe and skilled way,” she says.

The founder of Privé Clinic, a one-stop medical aesthetics centre that offers expert solutions for the skin, face, body and hair needs, adds that it is also crucial that clinics use quality products as many imitation products have surfaced in the industry. “Ensure your doctor uses only tools and treatments that are Fda-approved,” she cautions. “And be wary of clinics that charge less, as it may sometimes indicate that they are not giving you the full dosage and may dilute medical products, which means you may not get the optimum results you desire.”

Privé Clinic is committed to helping men and women project their best selves with advanced, clinically-proven technology and medical-grade products. Placing a strong emphasis on patient safety, it journeys with clients towards their vision of perfection. One loyal client is Jade Kua, a doctor and president of the Associatio­n of Women Doctors (Singapore), who has been going to Privé for anti-ageing Calecim treatments, which she says give her the “confidence to have photos taken with my bare skin, sans make-up, filter or editing”.

After opening its first clinic at One Raffles Place in 2010, Privé Clinic moved to Palais Renaissanc­e in 2013. Later that year, Privé Aesthetics Medi-spa was set up beside the clinic, making medical-grade treatments designed by medi-aesthetics experts and doctors, with no downtime and minimal discomfort, more accessible to an ever-growing customer base. In 2015, a second Privé Aesthetics opened in Nex shopping mall. This was followed by the opening of the second Privé Clinic, also in the mall, in 2017.

Privé attributes its success to its people. “They are the ‘miracle’ workers whom our clients entrust their faces or bodies to. We have built that close relationsh­ip with clients who know that when they visit Privé, they are in safe hands,” says Dr Soh.

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