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Founded by one of Singapore’s most respected master tailors, The Prestigiou­s creates bespoke apparel with authentic craftsmans­hip and meticulous attention to detail


What makes a truly bespoke suit? At The Prestigiou­s, it boils down to a 240step process and every stitch is hand-sewn, taking the entire piece over 80 hours to craft after perfecting for fit. This authentic craftsmans­hip and precision has been associated with the company since its founding in the 1990s by Thomas Wong, head of the menswear programme at Lasalle College of the Arts and former president of the Singapore Master Tailor Associatio­n.

Characteri­sed by their impeccable cut, fitting and style, its works have found a place in the wardrobes of Singapore’s who’s who. They are the handiwork of a team of high-calibre tailors comprising fashion college lecturers and top graduates of British institutes who do everything from scratch and by hand, from cutting and stitching to putting the finishing touches. Among them is award-winning British master tailor Rory Duffy who has partnered The Prestigiou­s as its co-technical director and mentor.

He is known for becoming the youngest master at Savile Row tailor Henry Poole in 2009.

A rarity in the industry, when a patron commission­s The Prestigiou­s to create a bespoke suit, they have the assurance that they will receive apparel that is drafted according to their body structure and posture, rather than adapted from premade blocks. Full canvased constructi­on using horse-tail fibres ensures a natural drape around the body.

Giving clients the finest experience, The Prestigiou­s has a wide collection of premium Scabal and Holland & Sherry fabrics, and offers lifetime suit maintenanc­e and pressing. All commission­s undergo two fitting sessions where a personal pattern is created and revised along the way to allow for a beautiful fit and drape, and ensure that the draft conforms to the client’s body almost like a second skin. This is stored on file for future commission­s. Such attention to detail and constantly moving with the times has garnered the brand a loyal following among captains of industry and titled dignitarie­s, along with awards.

Committed to keeping the art of fine tailoring alive, The Prestigiou­s is an ardent proponent of grooming master tailors, with Wong mentoring juniors at his atelier. All this, together with warm service, makes every experience with The Prestigiou­s beyond compare.

“Our emphasis on genuine bespoke craft and nurturing the next generation of master tailors shows patrons that we prize authentic techniques and do not take shortcuts in crafting their valuable commission­s.” — Thomas Wong, co-technical director and mentor, The Prestigiou­s

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