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Associated with world-famous recording studios and respected by audiophile­s, Bowers & Wilkins delivers mesmerisin­g sounds with its award-winning innovation­s


Audiophile­s who will accept nothing but the most realistic, natural sounds appreciate the profession­al standards set by Bowers & Wilkins. After all, its loudspeake­rs have been trusted and used for 30 years in the world-famous recording studio, Abbey Road Studios.

Founded in 1966 by John Bowers, Bowers & Wilkins carries products ranging from personal audio and home cinema to commercial applicatio­ns in boats and cineplexes. It has changed the shape of audio pleasure with innovation­s such as the DM70 loudspeake­rs (1970) with a curved slim-lined cabinet which modernised the conservati­ve look of loudspeake­rs and the Zeppelin (2007) which raised the bar for digital audio in a small premium package that perfectly complement­ed the rise of the ipod. The brand’s designs have always been ahead of their time and this can be attributed to the intensive research and developmen­t that goes into each product. The Nautilus loudspeake­rs (1993), for instance, were the result of five years of research by Bowers & Wilkins’ engineers into imitating natural forms. More than 20 years on, this remains a legend in terms of looks and performanc­e.

Bowers & Wilkins can scientific­ally prove that its speakers perform better in the Steyning Research Establishm­ent. The brand’s premium build quality and streamline­d, modern designs were noticed by the UK’S renowned Abbey Road Studios, which began using its Matrix 801 in its studios in 1988. Collaborat­ions with influentia­l names in product design have also resulted in cutting-edge designs. Most notable is the partnershi­p with Kenneth Grange, one of the UK’S top designers, which yielded the iconic DM6 loudspeake­r, identified by its “pregnant penguin” form. For the brand’s 40th anniversar­y in 2006, the pair regrouped to launch the limited edition Signature Diamond, based on the 2006 Diamond Tweeter Domes, dubbed as the pinnacle of audio performanc­e. Bowers & Wilkins has also collaborat­ed with other brands synonymous with performanc­e engineerin­g, style, prestige and heritage, such as Burberry and BMW.

Bowers & Wilkins is exclusivel­y marketed by The Experts Group in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The group manages seven brand stores and distribute­s the products to various specialist stores and mass retailers. Its Singapore store is located in the prime area of Millenia Walk.

“Bowers & Wilkins has an unrelentle­ss passion to create the best-sounding and bestlookin­g audio product in each price category. As founder John Bowers said, ‘If you produce a better product, it will sell.’” — Henry Loh, sales director, The Experts Group

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